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When assigned to a Construction Administration role, TMI has developed proven tools to verify the work conforms to contractual obligations and maintains the design plan integrity. Together with a thorough commissioning process, pre-functional checklist, and functional performance testing, help brings projects to completion. This can include client personnel training as the project may require.

Construction Administration involves construction oversight to assure it generally follows design intent. Includes periodic site observations and interface with general contractor and design team to address issues relative to interpretation of design documents. Finally, TMI establishes a punch list to verify work, in general, conforms to contract requirements


The design-build delivery method is a shift from the more traditional design-bid-build delivery of construction contracts. Using this method, the architect and contractor coordinate as a team, leaving an owner to focus on the project’s scope and decision making. This leads to a higher quality project that better suits the owner’s needs. Successful design-build projects offer an owner many benefits that add value to a project. These advantages include:

Single Point of Responsibility
Combining design and construction quality, cost, and schedule into a single point of responsibility that fosters partnering between team members. This in turn adds value to a project and a single point of responsibility helps avoid potential adversarial relationships.

Earlier knowledge of Guaranteed costs
Contractors establish a guaranteed cost early on in the design phase. This allows the owner to make changes, request additional value engineering, or add scope to a project before the substantial design is complete.

Cost/Time Savings
Value engineering and schedule reviews are utilized continuously throughout the project duration. The early involvement of the team maximizes the full project potential. Decisions are made during the programming, concept and design phases will impact the schedule and costs of the project more than any other phase of construction.

Improved Risk Management
Developing drawings and specifications as well as constructing a fully-functioning facility virtually eliminates change orders for errors and omissions. Each stake holder on the design-build team is responsible for the risks they are best positioned to manage.


TMI assists our clients in identifying their equipment requirements, placing the order, reviewing shop drawings, coordinating delivery and installation. Equipment orders, especially long lead items, are typically placed immediately upon approval of the concept design to help to reduce the project timeline.

We recommend taking advantage of purchasing long-lead support systems and equipment direct from the manufacturers without subcontractors mark-up to save costs. Also, at times with extended equipment deliveries of up to a year, TMI recommends our search of the used, surplus new, or canceled order markets from various vendors again to possibly save costs or expedite delivery. Evaluating those opportunities are critical to determining if they are to be viable procurement alternatives for the client. If available, then each candidate system or equipment item is fully evaluated.

Consulting Services


  • Colocation/Relocation Analysis
  • Energy Efficiency Audits
  • EOL Analysis
  • Facility Audits/Evaluations
  • Owner Advocate
  • Site Evaluation, Selection, & Planning
  • Space Planning
  • TCO Analysis

Design/Engineering Services


  • Architectural Design
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Fire Protection Specifications
  • Mechanical/HVAC Engineering
  • Peer Reviews
  • Security Design
  • Single Point of Failure Analysis
  • Voice/Data Integration

Construction Services


  • Construction Management
  • Construction Administration
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Financial Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • Project Planning & Scheduling
  • Turnkey Planning & Implementation
  • System(s) Testing & Commissioning