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Unbiased, expert technical advice on any aspects of your mission critical / data center facility is needed by today’s businesses and organizations now more than ever. A single outage, whether caused by utility failure or thermal overload, can put hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars at risk. We have observed poorly thought-out projects spend tens of thousands of dollars to correct minor issues that could have been avoided with proper procedures. Because we sell no products we can serve conflict-free as the owner’s advocate.

Our role as owner’s advocate encompasses many of our traditional services, including:

  • Architectural / Engineering Designs
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Project Planning & Scheduling
  • Project Management
  • System(s) Testing & Commissioning


Technology Management is the resource for co-locating in-house Data Centers to a remote facility. We reduce a complex and time-consuming process into a series of key decisions and an efficient schedule based on our years of mission-critical experience, research, market knowledge, and strategic alliance partnerships.

Colocation Services include:

  • Assessing existing Data Center(s) to understand search criteria
  • Develop detailed search criteria for well-matched regional colocation providers
  • Identify and qualify colocation providers in the designated market(s)
  • Develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) document for use in soliciting proposals
  • Perform technical and pricing reviews of the colocation proposals
  • Conduct site visits and reviews of the colocation provider facilities
  • Finalize, select and recommend the best colocation candidate to the client
  • Recommend partner to assist with migration and technology integration

Contact us for more information on our Colocation Consulting or Data Center Design Services.


TMI provides site evaluation, selection, and planning services specifically suited for mission-critical facilities including market studies, property search, and due diligence.

We offer our services independently, without conflict of interest, and with the depth of mission-critical industry knowledge to assure the real estate is evaluated fully and thoroughly, especially from a technical standpoint, to assist and guide you in the decision.

TMI’s search process will identify, vet, and short-list prospective properties or locations for the data center or other mission-critical facility based upon the client’s unique requirements nationwide. Whether evaluating one or several buildings site(s), the careful and thorough consideration of the immediate location, amenities, utilities, access, entitlements, on-site and off-site conditions, and other important factors associated with the property.


Think about your business and how long you expect to be using a particular system or solution. In the case of a core business solution, many companies look at a TCO for a period of four or five years. In the case of a core business system such as a facility, HVAC, UPS, or Generator System, a TCO period can be much longer in the ten to the twenty-year range.

TCO calculations usually include several categories and components, such as:

  • Planning and selection period
  • IT infrastructure requirements
  • Application subscription or license costs
  • Application design, configuration, and implementation
  • Administration and maintenance
  • Training costs

Many companies under-invest when it comes to thoroughly evaluating system/solution requirements and options. By doing a more careful assessment upfront you will save your company time, money, and aggravation down the road.

Consulting Services


  • Colocation/Relocation Analysis
  • Energy Efficiency Audits
  • EOL Analysis
  • Facility Audits/Evaluations
  • Owner Advocate
  • Site Evaluation, Selection, & Planning
  • Space Planning
  • TCO Analysis

Design/Engineering Services


  • Architectural Design
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Fire Protection Specifications
  • Mechanical/HVAC Engineering
  • Peer Reviews
  • Security Design
  • Single Point of Failure Analysis
  • Voice/Data Integration

Construction Services


  • Construction Management
  • Construction Administration
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Financial Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • Project Planning & Scheduling
  • Turnkey Planning & Implementation
  • System(s) Testing & Commissioning